Summer Learning Program

2020 Summer Learning Registration Is Now Closed - Thank you and see you in 2021!


2020 Summer Learning Information: Classes meet every day, Monday through Friday, June 10 - June 30

Registration and Payment:

All D181 students and interested age appropriate students outside the D181 community are invited to enroll in the 2020 Summer Learning Program, which will be offered online. Please be aware that students not in D181 will be provided no devices. Registration will not be processed until payment has been received. Registration ends Wednesday, June 3rd.

Only teachers who are teaching more than one type of class have been assigned a time. Classes will occur at 8:30, 9:45 and 11:00 AM and last 50-55 minutes. All students will be placed into the 8:30 section of each class, until it fills and then a second section will open at 9:45. If a need for a third section develops, it will be held at 11:00 AM. Doing so will allow us to achieve maximum enrollment in each session. Families will be made aware of student schedules prior to the start of class.

Grade Levels

Grade levels listed represent the student’s current, Spring of 2020 grade. Students will only be able to register for their eligible grade level classes.

Closing / Cancellations:

Classes will be cancelled / not offered if minimum enrollments are not reached. Registrants will be notified of cancellations and will have the opportunity to register for another class at no additional charge. Unless a class is cancelled or not offered, no refunds will be issued.


$100.00 per class (Maximum of three.)

Summer Learning Program Contacts

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