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Social Emotional Learning for Academic Success

"Skills for Learning, Skills for Life"

District 181 is committed to developing students’ fundamental social and emotional skills because of their impact on learning and success in life. Research shows that intra-personal, interpersonal, and decision-making skills are key to children’s readiness to learn, persist, collaborate, and make good choices. The teaching of such skills is done most effectively in schools with a safe, caring environment and by classroom teachers and other staff with whom students have ongoing relationships. Social emotional learning (SEL) in District 181 is coordinated across the district and guided by the learning goals articulated in the Illinois Social and Emotional Learning Standards.

The District’s Strategic Plan integrates academic and social-emotional growth in order to prepare students for the demands of the 21st century. SEL instruction, a continuum of services, a positive school climate, and school-wide activities are intended to provide all students with the learning and supports they need to learn and grow in school. Policy, research, and practice support this district’s ongoing attention to the whole child and commitment to involving families to consider the wide range of children’s strengths and needs.


To provide the school community with the foundation for lifelong social and emotional learning in a safe and caring environment.


To be a school district where children learn to:
  • Be self-aware and able to manage their emotions and behaviors
  • Have understanding and empathy for others and develop positive relationships
  • Make responsible decisions
To be a school district where adults and children:
  • Have positive relationships that foster the greatest learning and rewarding experiences for all, during both formal instruction of SEL and informal teachable moments.


SELAS will:
  • Support the leadership for SEL at each school.
  • Provide on-going training of staff
  • Communicate about SEL with staff and families
  • Educate parents about the value of SEL
  • Evaluate the district's progress in teaching SEL, according to the IL SEL Standards