Welcome! We look forward to greeting new families interested in sending their child to a school in Community Consolidated School District 181 and enrolling current students in the next grade level for the upcoming 2018-19 school year.

Families who wish to enroll their child for the current 2017-18 school year should come to the Administration Center as soon as possible. Please visit our Current School Year Registration webpage for information on needed documents and residency.

Registration for 2018-19

  • Going on Now: Preschool Registration is Open for New Students (Details)
  • February 14-15: Kindergarten and New Student Registration
    Per state law, children who are five years old on or before September 1, 2018 are eligible to attend kindergarten in 2018-19.
  • Spring 2018: Registration for Returning Students Entering Grades 1-8

If you are unsure of the school area in which you reside, please visit our Boundary Map.

Residency Verification

To show residency within the District, the person with whom the student lives in the District and who claims custody of the student must present documents as described below. If the person enrolling the student claims the student is homeless or attending school in the student’s former district upon the determination of the Department of Children and Family Services, only the appropriate items in Category Three must be presented. Please note that parents must also bring a certified copy of the child's birth certificate.

Category One (Present one of the items below in addition to two items from Category Two.)
  • Home closing documents dated within six months from the current date
  • Mortgage statement showing property owner name and address of real estate subject to the mortgage
  • Notarized letter from the owner of the residence stating that the signee resides at that residence and the duration of the residence
  • Real estate tax bill (most recent) showing signee as the taxpayer
  • Lease (signed) for the residence
  • Tax assessment PLUS deed (considered one item)
Category 2 (Present two of the items below in addition to one item from Category One.)
  • Automobile registration in the State of Illinois
  • Driver’s license for the State of Illinois (not a State ID)
  • Homeowner’s insurance policy
  • Medicaid medical card
  • Public Aid card
  • Renter’s insurance policy showing name of the renter and in District address of the rental property
  • Telephone bill (landline only) or cable TV bill
  • Utility bill for gas, electric and/or water (two separate and current utility bills are acceptable)
  • Vehicle sticker receipt
  • Voter registration card with current address
Category 3 (If applicable, otherwise see Categories One and Two.)
  • The enrollee can indicate the student is homeless and eligible for enrollment under the Illinois Education for Homeless Children Act.
  • The enrollee can indicate the student is enrolling based on the determination of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and will need to attach evidence of DCFS determination.
  • The enrollee can indicate that residency will be established within 90 calendar days and will need to attach a real estate contract, lease or closing statement. In addition, he/she must complete a Tuition Statement and submit a cashier/certified check for one semester’s tuition for each student enrolled in District 181.

Registration Hours

8:30am - 3:00pm

2018-19 Registration

Preschool: Registration for 2018-19 for new preschool students is now open, with spaces filled first-come, first-serve. Click here for more information.

K-8: Registration for 2018-19 for kindergartners and new students in Grades 1-8 takes place February 14 and February 15.

Questions regarding registration for Grades K-8 can be directed to Kelly Serritella (630.861.4901 or

2017-18 Registration

If you wish to register your child for the current 2017-18 school year, please visit the Current School Year Registration webpage for more information on needed documents and residency.

Open Enrollment

Parents who are looking for information about the updated open enrollment process in CCSD #181 click here.

If you have additional questions, contact the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent Jean Duggan ( or 630.861.4922).

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