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Aerial view of new school building

Thanks to the successful passage of a November 2016 Referendum, we are currently in the process of building a new Hinsdale Middle School. We invite you to explore our project resources throughout these webpages to learn more about the construction process being completed in collaboration with architect Cordogan Clark & Associates, construction manager Bulley & Andrews, and the Village of Hinsdale.

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Latest News

January 16, 2018

All stakeholders are invited to participate in a beam signing event and informational program on the construction of Hinsdale Middle School, taking place at HMS on Monday, January 29 beginning at 6pm. Learn More

January 9, 2018

An image of the school structure taking shape in the form of structural steel; this view is looking northwest from the southeast corner of the site.

January 9, 2018

An image of a basement storage room with a concrete floor, shortly after it has been poured, and before it is smoothed by concrete finishers.

January 9, 2018

An image of the concrete slab pour in progress.

January 9, 2018

An image of underground conduit that will go from a power pole on Third Street to the Switchgear room in the HMS basement.

December 18, 2017

During the Board Business meeting on December 18, 2017, Owner's Representative Kerry Leonard reported that the project remains on budget. He also highlighted that after Bid Group 3, 93% of the trade contracts will have been bid, awarded, and assigned to Bulley & Andrews.

Bid Group 3 includes fifteen bid packages:

  • Twelve bid packages were opened - nine on November 30, 2017 and three on December 8, 2017.
  • One bid package (3N Window Treatments) was not opened as only one bidder submitted.
  • Two bid packages were deferred until the beginning of next year and approved by the Board to be rejected (3C Ceramic Tile and 3H Toilet Partitions/Visual Display Boards/Toilet Accessories).

Of the twelve bid packages opened, ten were considered for award and assignment, and approved during the Business meeting:

  • 3A Millwork: Bradford Systems Corporation ($1,029,698.00)
  • 3F Flooring: Vortex Commercial Flooring ($570,000.00)
  • 3D Wood (Athletic) Flooring: Haldemann‐Homme, Inc. ($224,000.00)
  • 3E Fluid Applied Flooring: Artlow Systems, Inc. ($159,339.05)
  • 3G Painting: Five Star Decorating, Inc. ($400,028.00)
  • 3I Lockers: Interiors for Business, Inc. ($255,200.00)
  • 3K Laboratory Equipment: Carroll Seating ($371,239.00)
  • 3M Gymnasium Equipment & Bleachers: Haldemann‐Homme, Inc. ($297,500.00) - Bleacher Alternate Deduct of $4,000 Not Accepted ($0.00)
  • 3L LULA: DME Access, LLC ($79,500.00)
  • 3B Spray Insulation: Wilkin Insulation Co. ($78,500.00)

The Board also took the following actions regarding change orders:

  • All bids received on October 19, 2017 for Bid 2N Joint Sealants be rejected
  • Approval of Change Order 15 for Joint Sealant Work to Bulley & Andrews, LLC’s Contract
  • Approval of Change Order 16 for the Transfer of General Conditions to Bulley & Andrews, LLC’s Contract
  • Ratification of four change orders approved by the Owner’s Representative and Superintendent to Bulley & Andrews, LLC’s Contract (Change Order 12 ‐ Fence Relocation; Change Order 13 ‐ Modular Classroom Fire Alarm; Change Order 14 ‐ Food Service Equipment; Change Order 15 ‐ SDI Insurance Deduct
  • Ratification of one expenditure from the Construction Manager’s GMP Contingency approved by the Owner’s Representative and Superintendent to Bulley & Andrews, LLC’s Contract (Modular Classroom Electrical)

It was noted that three Alternate Bids were included in Bid Group 3: Alternate 6 ‐ Acoustical Curtains; Alternate 7 ‐ First Floor Tile Flooring; and Alternate 8 ‐ Bleacher Seating.

Mr. Leonard explained that the five bid packages not being awarded will be bid early in 2018. The five packages include two deferred packages, two bids to be rejected, and one bid package that was not opened.

December 1, 2017

  • Bulley & Andrews has prepared an Executive Summary with updates on the schedule (timeline), budget, and project meetings.

November 30, 2017

  • Bulley & Andrews, Cordogan Clark, and the administration conducted the Bid Opening for Bid Group 3. Results will later be posted in the "Construction, Bids, and Timeline" section of the HMS Construction pages of our website.

November 23, 2017

As of Thanksgiving Day 2017, the view from one of our webcams showing the HMS construction in action:

November 8, 2017

  • Bulley & Andrews has prepared an Executive Summary with updates on the schedule (timeline), budget, and project meetings.

November 3, 2017

  • Foundation walls have been poured over the past several weeks. After the walls have been poured and forms have been removed, the team will install drainage pipes, as well as insulation and waterproofing material on the exterior (see image below). Steel beams and columns will be set on anchor bolts and attached to plates embedded into the walls. After the anchor bolts are set, a surveyor will be called in to verify they are in the correct position. (Tolerances for anchor bolts are incredibly tight; the room for error is minimal.) Upon completion, the surveyor will send an “As-Built” survey that will show the dimensions as they have been built in the field.
  • In order to maintain a safe workplace despite recent inclement weather and heavy patches of rain, the team has pumped water off site. The water is first filtered through sediment bags to ensure what goes into the sewer is clean and free of debris.
  • The next items to come in the basement will include underground plumbing and portions of structural steel. In order to expedite the schedule, the team will concurrently work on foundation walls in the area south of the basement and on foundations footings and walls in the area west of the basement.

October 30, 2017

During the October 30, 2017 Board Business meeting, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer Mohsin Dada and HMS Project Owner's Representative Kerry Leonard provided an overview of the HMS construction project, with particular focus on the budget and the status of Bids. Board President Burns confirmed that the Facilities Committee, the Finance Committee, or both committees had vetted the information being presented. Mr. Dada noted that per a suggestion by the Board Finance Committee, he and Mr. Leonard prepared a document showing cash flow as it relates to anticipated expenditures. He said the committee has been discussing the best time to complete the second portion of the bond sale, noting that his expectation is the project will come in under budget, and therefore the intent is to sell bonds for the amount actually needed, rather than the full amount allowed per the referendum. He and Mr. Leonard then highlighted potential opportunities for savings in the project costs and new tools that have been developed, such as an Expenditure Authorization Form, to improve the budget tracking and approval process.

Mr. Leonard then discussed Bid Group 3, which includes 14 bid packages. The bid opening is scheduled for November; Board approval will be sought in December after the Facilities Committees has reviewed the materials. Approximately 95% of the contracted work will be awarded at that point, Mr. Leonard remarked. Per a Board question, he briefly highlighted information on the alternates described in his Board Report, including bleachers, flooring, and acoustics for the music spaces. It was clarified that Cordogan Clark & Associates is not charging the District for their preparation of the documentation for the bleachers alternate, and because curtains have already been included in the budget as an acoustic solution for the music area, there will be a "not to exceed" amount for any other considerations (i.e. acoustic panels). Bid Group 4 will be bid in spring, he said. Mr. Leonard lastly commented on Re-Bid Awards from Bid Group 2 being presented for Board approval. He confirmed that with approval of the two actions being recommended at the meeting, the only outstanding Bid Group 2 package would be Joint Sealants, which Bulley & Andrews is currently seeking proposals to fill.

Later in the meeting, the Board took the following actions:

  • Award and assignment of a Contract for Bid 2R Metal Panels for the Hinsdale Middle School project to Wiesbrook Sheet Metal Inc. of Plainfield, IL in the amount of $586,184.00 for the Base Bid and all previously accepted Alternates. This award and assignment includes completion of the work in accordance with Schedule 4b (Vote 5-0; Absent: Lucht, Turek).
  • Award and assignment of a Contract for Bid 2M Skylights for the Hinsdale Middle School project to United Skys of Round Lake, IL in the amount of $115,358.00 for the Base Bid and all previously accepted Alternates. This award and assignment includes completion of the work in accordance with Schedule 4b (Vote 5-0; Absent: Lucht, Turek).

October 6, 2017

  • The team is currently constructing foundations walls, which will act as exterior walls to separate the inside of the new basement from the outside earth. The north wall that runs along the school is also designed to share some of the load of the future parking deck.
  • In some areas, the foundation walls are over 14’ tall. To fill these walls with concrete, a special pump is used with a remote controlled hose that places concrete specifically where it is needed.
  • To help ensure safety during this stage of the process, team members explain that the excavations are done in a “tiered” or “stepped” fashion - a process known as "benching," which helps ensure that soils do not collapse or give way.
  • As part of the quality checks related to placing concrete on site, when the first truck arrives, an independent tester checks the concrete for temperature, air entrainment, slump, and the time it took to get from the plant to the site. They also take samples, which may be taken back to a lab to be tested for strength. Loads that do not meet set criteria are rejected. Bulley & Andrews notes that a standard concrete mix design will call for 4000PSI for the strength of the concrete when it is fully cured (or dried, usually within 28 days).
  • Over the next several weeks, the team will continue to pour foundation walls around the perimeter of the basement and working on foundations in the southeast corner of the building.

September 26, 2017

September 12, 2017

  • The first concrete pour was completed.
  • Representatives from the construction team presented a project update to D181 PTO Presidents on September 5 and to HMS PTO members on September 12. All community members are invited to view the presentation slides.

September 8, 2017

  • Installation of the Earth Retention System is complete.
  • Excavation of the deep foundation wall footing is continuing. Dirt will continue to be moved on site as excavation for the basement begins.
  • Prior to the start of construction, there was a natural gas line that ran through the project site. It provided natural gas for needs such as heating, the foods course (which may use a stove), and science classrooms (which may use gas for experiments). The team partnered with the local natural gas service company and school custodial staff to get the line rerouted with minimal impact to school operations.
  • The first load of reinforcing steel (rebar) is expected to arrive onsite next week.
  • The first concrete pour is expected to take place near the middle of the week.

September 7, 2017

  • Photos were added to the Image Gallery showing excavation work and installation of the sheet pile wall.

August 28, 2017

  • Excavation has continued on site.
  • A working platform has been created for the earth retention system. (This system will eventually share a foundation wall with the future parking garage.)
  • Installation of the sheet pile wall has begun. The wall is made up of steel sheets that are “driven” via vibration and pressure into the ground to help hold the adjacent earth in place.

New building photo


Beam Signing and Project Update: All Community Members Welcome

All community members are invited to participate in a beam signing event and informational program on the construction of HMS on Monday, January 29 at HMS beginning at 6pm. No registration is required! Learn More

Friday Morning Community Meetings Hosted by Bulley & Andrews

All meetings take place at the Bulley & Andrews job site trailer beginning at 8am. All meetings are held on Fridays. Upcoming dates: February 9, March 9, April 13, May 11, June 8.

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Community members with comments or questions about the HMS Construction project are invited to contact the District 181 Director of Communications Bridget McGuiggan:

Questions or concerns about on-site issues can be directed to Joe Murray with Bulley & Andrews at

Superintendent's Advisory Community Task Force

The role of the Task Force is to oversee the expenditure of public funds for the HMS construction project, to be an advisory team for the District administration, to ensure that construction is responsive to the Board of Education’s desires and in line with what voters approved, and to support successful completion of the project. This group is intended to be collaborative, working together on behalf of taxpayers and in cooperation with District personnel and hired professionals. We are grateful to all community members who applied to support this work!

Owner's Representative

The Owner's Representative is an individual who serves as the District's project manager for the new construction of HMS. The Board of Education approved an agreement with Mr. Kerry Leonard for that position in February 2017.

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