Board Bond Referendum Review and Accountability Committee

Bond Referendum Review and Accountability Committee

On May 31, 2017, the Board of Education approved a settlement agreement to end litigation that had delayed the sale of bonds needed to finance construction of a new Hinsdale Middle School following a successful November 2016 Referendum. The settlement agreement included a clause that a Bond Referendum Review and Accountability Committee be formed and comprised of three Board members.

According to the settlement agreement, "The Committee's goals shall be objectively to: (1) investigate any error(s) and/or omission(s) that may have occurred regarding the Bond Referendum; (2) to examine and make any recommendations regarding the District's past communications, actions, analysis and transparency with the community regarding the financial aspects of the Bond Referendum and construction of Hinsdale Middle School, including, but not limited to, the structure and costs of the bonds, the parking deck and any construction scope changes; and (3) to make any recommendations to the District, if appropriate, to minimize the risk and cost of any future recurrence of the error(s) and/or omission(s) that may have occurred with the Bond Referendum."

The settlement agreement goes on to say that, "After the Committee has completed its investigation... the Committee shall produce a written report of its investigation, which shall include any conclusions regarding accountability as to the Bond Referendum." The Committee has produced a final report. The final report and all supporting documents are posted in Google Drive; links to those files are available in the column at right (below, if accessing the information on a mobile device). Per the Agreement, the report will be published on our website for at least two years from the date of its issuance. (The date of issuance is September 29, 2017).

Final Report

Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Final Report
Chapter 2: September 11, 2017 Meeting Materials
Chapter 3: August 30, 2017 Committee Comments and Conclusions
Chapter 4: August 9, 2017 Administration Summary Information and Research
Chapter 5: July 26, 2017 Committee Meeting Summary
Chapter 6: July 26, 2017 Board Report
Chapter 7: Settlement Agreement