Welcome to our LEAP educators

Welcome to our LEAP educators,

Educators from the LEAP Science and Math Schools in South Africa have arrived in our communities. Over the next three weeks, the group of eight will be visiting and observing our classrooms and schools and attending school events. Please join us in welcoming these educators as they visit our schools and events.

The visit is the second part of an exchange and extraordinary partnership between LEAP, D181 and the District 181 Foundation. It is funded by the Casten Family Foundation and is an extension of a long-time cultural and educational exchange program between Hinsdale High School District 86 and LEAP Schools.

"District 181 is grateful to be part of this exchange and partnership," said Superintendent Dr. Hector Garcia. "It has many benefits to both of our communities. We are sharing our educational ideals, best teaching practices and Social Emotional Learning for Academic Success (SELAS) program and fostering cultural and social awareness." As a lighthouse District, we are also pleased to host visitors who want to know more about District 181 instructional practices, he said..

Please join us in offering a warm welcome to these educators.