Sterigenics Update

Update - Area Superintendents in support of Gower School District 62 efforts

Area Superintendents from District 61, District 63, District 107, and District 181 have joined in their support of Gower School District 62 efforts to bring closer attention to the potential reopening of Sterigenics. Sterigenics has been closed since it was barred in February 2019 from using ethylene oxide, a chemical that can increase cancer risks and cause other major medical problems to those who are chronically exposed, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

We recognize this is an extremely critical and ongoing issue in our communities and one that demands increased scrutiny. As such, our districts pledge to keep in contact with Gower District 62 officials and their efforts and other local government agencies, who are working directly with representatives from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, the Illinois EPA, and the Illinois Department of Public Health. As this issue moves forward in the courts and/or state legislature, we support Gower as it demands safety, performance, accountability, immediacy and transparency for students and constituents.

The Illinois EPA is also accepting written comments on the draft permit through August 15, 2019. Written comments can be submitted by email to


Dr. Hector Garcia
Community Consolidated School District 181

Dr. Robert Carlo
Darien School District 61

Dr. Kerry Foderaro
Cass School District 63

Dr. Dave Palzet
Pleasantdale School District 107

Dr. Sean Nugent
Maerker School District 60

Dr. Thomas Schneider
Burr Ridge Community Consolidated District 180