New App Helps D181 Students Navigate Lunch

Don't like BBQ meatloaf? No problem. Allergic to dairy? We've got you covered. District 181 cafeterias now have an app that allows students to plan their meals based on ingredients, nutrition data, allergen information, and personal preferences.

The state-of-the-art platform launches in D181 middle schools January 13 and is available by downloading the "FD MealPlanner" app or using a web-based platform at The service is made possible by District 181's food service provider, Quest Food Management Services.

Through the platform, students can:

  • Search for and view menus
  • View ingredients and nutrition information for all menu items
  • Filter menu items based on allergen or dietary preferences
  • Rate and comment on menu items
  • Combine multiple menu items together to see the total nutritional content of your meal
  • View announcements and see what's "cooking"
  • Save a profile and preferences to quickly access personalized menus

The platform is part of a collective effort by District 181 to offer a premier cafeteria experience for students including more diverse menu items. As an example, January's menu features items such as Chicken Teriyaki Lo Mein, BBQ Roasted Tofu, and a Chicken Burrito Bowl.

Thanks to the District's Food Allergy Management Plan, a coded labeling system that identifies items that contain the top 8 food allergens was also implemented in cafeterias. Allowing students with food allergies to more easily identify items that are safe for them to eat saves them the time, and sometimes embarrassment, of asking questions and searching for items in the food line.

You can read more about the Food Allergy Management Plan on the District website here.

Tutorial videos to help students navigate FD Meal Planner can be accessed below: