Full In-Person/Full Remote Learning Model Update

D181 Board Votes for Full In-Person/Full Remote Learning Model: April 5 Start Date

At the Monday, Feb. 8, D181 Board of Education Regular Business Meeting, the Board voted 4-3 for the District to move to a Full In-Person/Full Remote learning model beginning on Monday, April 5. A full Board summary will be sent with additional information and agenda items. This notification is to inform our school community of the outcome of the vote.

"These circumstances have presented a very challenging and difficult situation for our staff, families, and community," Superintendent Dr. Hector Garcia said. "With this direction from the Board, we will immediately begin our work to gather the information and guidance that is necessary to best meet the needs of our school community."

Next steps include but will not be limited to:

  • An enrollment form being sent out as soon as possible to all families that will help us solidify classroom numbers and space expectations.
  • Developing creative solutions to maximize social distancing in the classroom and possible seating arrangements and student groupings that help to mitigate close contacts.
  • Mitigating risks during the lunch hour through the possibilities of utilizing additional spaces, tents, and outdoor seating, and encouraging parents to pick-up their child for lunch at home.
  • Moving forward with staff and student COVID-19 surveillance testing to identify asymptomatic individuals.

Key stakeholder groups such as the D181 Transition Team and the Ad Hoc Health Committee will be consulted as part of these conversations.

We will continue to stay in touch and share the latest information with our staff, families, and school community as we make progress in our work.