D181 Schools Honor Veterans
All D181 schools hosted special events and celebrations to educate students and honor local veterans for this year's Veterans Day recognitions. Events included schoolwide assemblies, breakfast receptions, and songs and special readings commemorating the day. Many students also donated their Halloween candy to send in care packages to the troops. A drive for baby supplies was also held, for veterans who are new mothers. Thank you to all our veterans who have served, and to our schools for your recognition efforts!

"I had the opportunity to join several Veterans Day celebrations today and loved the different ways that we showed our deep gratitude to the thousands of men and women who have heroically served our country," said Dr. Hector Garcia, D181 Superintendent. "These celebrations serve as a reminder that our great nation rests upon the sacrifices of those who have chosen to serve our country."

To view the recap email with photos of the events, click here.