D181 Receives Transparency Award for Budget Presentation

The Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) awarded Community Consolidated School District 181 the Meritorious Budget Award (MBA) for excellence in budget presentation for the 2021-22 budget year. The MBA award promotes and recognizes best budget presentation practices in school districts.

This is the first year the District has submitted its budget presentation for the award and the MBA is the highest designation possible from the ASBO.

"One of our philosophies in the Business Office is that community members shouldn't have to be financial experts to understand how their tax dollars are being used to support District initiatives. To be recognized for achieving this goal by the ASBO is a testament to our team's hard work and dedication to transparency," said Rick Engstrom, D181 Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations.

To be eligible for the award, participants submit their applications and budget documents to a panel of school financial professionals who review the materials for compliance with the MBA Criteria Checklist and other requirements.

"The District's budget document contains excellent spreadsheets, charts, and graphs to help the reader fully grasp the data presented," the ASBO stated in its letter to the District. "It is user-friendly for the average taxpayer with an abundance of data to meet varied readers' needs."

To view the presentation and D181 budget, visit