D181 Board, Teachers Reach Four-Year Agreement

At its regularly scheduled Business Meeting this evening, the Community Consolidated School District 181 Board of Education voted to approve a new four-year contract with the Hinsdale-Clarendon Hills Teachers' Association (HCHTA), the union that represents District 181's 361 teachers. The union voted on and approved the new contract on November 1.

Board of Education President William Merchantz thanked the HCHTA and District Administration for their collaborative work to reach this agreement. "We value and respect our teachers, who will remain among the highest paid elementary school teachers in the state. We know that these competitive salaries have helped us to attract and retain excellent professional educators who grow and thrive in our District at every stage of their career, and that will not change," said Merchantz. "This new four-year agreement supports the District's ability to continue to deliver the high-quality education our community expects and deserves, while also fulfilling our commitment to maintain a balanced budget and remain economically viable for the long-term."

Under the terms of the agreement, the starting salary remains unchanged and every teacher in the District will receive a salary increase in each year of the four-year contract. Average increases for D181 teachers in the 4-year deal are 2.0% in year one, 2.9% in year two, 2.7% in year 3, and 2.6% in year four. The average increase over the four-year contract is 2.55%. The vast majority of District 181 teachers with bachelor's or master's degrees will also be eligible to earn additional compensation for completing post-graduate credit hours or degrees.

HCHTA President Sarah Hoffman emphasized, "HCHTA takes great pride in the collaborative relationship we have developed over the years with the Board of Education. This contract is a result of our shared commitment with the District to retain and attract top-notch educators in our ongoing efforts to provide a high-quality, educational experience for all students."

The new contract, which will run through the 2022-2023 school year, replaces a three-year contract agreement that expired on June 30, 2019.