COVID-19 Cases and Close Contacts - Week of April 12

Dear D181 School Community,

As has been reported in our communication to staff and parents, and on the daily D181 Positive Case Spreadsheet, we have had 5 positive COVID-19 cases recorded this week as of April 14: two student cases at HMS, two student cases at CHMS, and one staff case at HMS. Per our investigative process in place, these cases are not epidemiologically linked and do not constitute an outbreak.

As a result of the student cases, 59 students will be quarantined for 10 days from the date of their last contact with the positive case, per health and safety protocols that are established by health authorities. These 59 students were identified through our investigative process to be within 6 feet of the student who tested positive for a cumulative of 15 minutes while at school.

These numbers are not out of the ordinary for schools in the surrounding area, many of which have students back for full in-person learning and have desks placed closer than 6 feet. Within District 181, we have desks placed within 4-6 feet of each other, with a priority on 6 feet whenever possible. For more information on our safety protocols, visit