2019 Board Members Day - Thank You D181 BOE!

Resolution: School Board Members Day

November 15, 2019

WHEREAS, School board members are elected to sit in trust for their diverse communities, and in that capacity are charged with meeting the community's expectations and aspirations for the public education of their children; and

WHEREAS, School board members are entrusted with the guardianship and wise expenditure of scarce tax dollars, and they are responsible for maintaining and preserving the buildings, grounds, and other areas of the school district that the community has put in their trust; and

WHEREAS, School board members are responsible for providing leadership that ensures a clear, shared vision of public education for their schools, that sets high standards for the education of all students, and requires the effective and efficient operation of their districts; and

WHEREAS, School board members adopt public policy to give voice to that leadership and employ a superintendent to administer board policy, and are also responsible for the regular monitoring of the district's performance and compliance with state policy; and

WHEREAS, School board members selflessly volunteer countless hours to public service with no compensation; and

WHEREAS, Employers are supportive of their employees who serve as school board members, generously lending support and time; employers give their employees the opportunity to better serve the needs of the school districts and communities they represent through sometimes tremendous sacrifice to the employer; and

WHEREAS, Decisions made by school board members directly impact the quality of life in their communities, placing them as the front line of American democracy; therefore, be it RESOLVED, that we proclaim November 15, 2019, as "School Board Members Day" as a way to honor those citizens who devote their time and energy for the successful education of our children.