Device Collection - 2018

Greetings D181 families!

The end of the school year is almost here and we are already planning for students and their digital devices in the coming year. In the fall, your student was provided a 1-to-1 District-owned device in the form of either an iPad, Chromebook or MacBook Air. As the year concludes the District needs to collect these devices so they can be prepped and redeployed to students for 2018-19. As such we wanted to remind you of important turn-in dates:

  • June 1 – 8th Grade students will turn in their equipment to their advisory teachers (charger, carrying bag, and laptop)
  • June 4 - 6th-7th Grade students will turn in their equipment (charger, carrying bag, and Chromebook) to their advisory teacher.
  • June 4 - 3rd-5th Grade students will turn in their equipment (charger, carrying bag, and iPad) to their homeroom teacher.

Device Fees:
Please make sure that your child brings all of his or her equipment to school on the above day. These dates are critical as they will ensure that the District has time to inspect, clean, repair if necessary, and prep the 3,000+ devices that will be deployed to students next year. Please note that families will be charged for any equipment that is missing. Below are the charges that will be made for lost devices and equipment.

  • Chromebook Case: $15
  • Chromebook Charger: $24
  • Chromebook: $412
  • MacBook Air Case: $15
  • MacBook Air Charger: $80
  • MacBook Air: $750
  • iPad Case: $35
  • iPad Charger: $19
  • iPad Charging Cable: $19
  • iPad: $299

For missing equipment, we will assess the charge in the Skyward Student Information System parent portal. More information on lost or stolen devices can be found in the Digital Learning Guide. These guidelines are to ensure that we have optimal devices for all of our students to use next year. Your understanding and cooperation is much appreciated.

Matt Kunesh
Director of Technology