World Language

The study of languages opens new worlds for children. They are not only learning to communicate in another tongue, they are partaking, little by little of another culture. “No nation has a separate future anymore.”(American Education, Vol.14) Students learning languages at a time in their lives when such learning is the most effective are becoming prepared for a life in that future.

Research tells us that children who have studied another language:
  • Are significantly better at tasks requiring divergent thinking and figural creativity.
  • Have the ability to excel in the pronunciation of a new language.
  • Score higher on standardized tests in language arts, reading, science and math than non-second language learners.
  • Show greater cognitive development in higher order thinking skills.
  • Have an improved self-concept, sense of achievement and tolerance for other cultures.
  • Store their second language in the same part of the brain as their first language making it easier to access.
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