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ART & DIGITAL MEDIA WINNERS Congratulations to our HMS students whose exemplary artwork will be honored tonight at Oswego High School! Several of our students received Honorable Mentions which are only awarded to the TOP 10% of artwork on display! AND, HMS had two overall place winners, in 2nd & 3rd place! HMS students had more awards than ANY other middle School. HMS is also the ONLY middle school to have award winners place in BOTH the 2D Traditional & Digital Media categories! Way to GO HMS art and digital media students!

Showcased students:
  • Abigail A
  • Sofia A
  • Analise B
  • Johann B
  • Lola B
  • Claire C
  • Caitlin H
  • Tecoa J
  • Beatrice M
  • Alasdair W
  • Catherine Y
  • Bia Z
Honorable Mentions-Top 10% of artwork on display:
  • Calista C
  • Eshan D
  • Angela L
  • Maddie M
  • Ayla M
Overall Place Winners:
  • Lauren T – 2nd Place
  • Caroline P – 3rd Place