Department Repair and Device Replacement

District 181 - Department of Technology

Chromebook Replacement Costs (subject to change)
Chromebook Replacement (model dependant) $285-365
Charger Replacement $20

iPad Replacement Costs (subject to change)
iPad Replacement (model dependant) $140-290
Charger Replacement $20-40
K-2 iPad STM Case $35
3rd-5th iPad Logitech Keyboard Case $100

Repair costs (subject to change)
First incident repair cost: $50
Second incident repair cost: $100

Important information about devices and repairs:

  1. When 8th grade students graduate from District 181, they must return their Chromebook and charger.
  2. If a student should transfer/withdraw from District 181 before graduation, they are required to return their Chromebook or iPad and charger. If repairs are needed or any/all equipment is not returned, the student will be billed for the listed amounts.
  3. District 181 does not charge for labor on repairs.
  4. If the damage to a device is determined to be intentional or negligence, students will be billed for all replacement parts up to the cost of a full replacement unit. The standard repair fee does not apply in this instance. Examples include - broken screen, missing screen, cracked bottom case, liquid damage
  5. All labels/property tags must be left on the device. These tags allow the technology department to identify the student assigned to the device and return the device to that student if it is ever lost. If labels/tags peel off, a building HelpDesk Technician can re-label the device.

General Precautions

  • Students are responsible for keeping their digital device charged for school each day.
  • Insert cords and cables into the digital device carefully to prevent damage.
  • Devices must remain free of any writing, drawing, stickers, or labels that are not the property of District 181.
  • Do not drop, throw, or step on the digital device.
  • Do not leave devices in an unlocked locker, unlocked car, or unsupervised area.
  • Do not use devices near food and beverages.
  • Do not leave devices outdoors or in direct sunlight.

Carrying Devices

The protective cases provided with the devices have sufficient padding to protect the digital device from normal treatment and provide a suitable means for carrying the device. These guidelines should be followed:
  • Devices should always remain in the protective case when not in use.
  • When moving around the classroom or at home with a Chromebook, close the device and carry it with both hands.
  • Carry the device to avoid placing too much weight or pressure on the screen.
  • Do not carry other items (such as folders and textbooks) in the same compartment of a backpack as the digital device.
  • Devices should never be transported or stored in the same compartments as water bottles or other liquids.

Storing Digital Devices

  • Store digital devices in a secure location when they are not in use.
  • Store devices in locked lockers, if available.
  • There may be classroom charging stations available for storing and charging devices.
  • Nothing should be placed on top of the digital device when stored in a bag, desk, or other location.