Community Consolidated School District 181 believes a high-quality mathematics curriculum engages students in a balanced approach to developing conceptual understandings, procedural knowledge, building fluency, and applying knowledge to real-world problems. Therefore, we believe:

  • Number sense is the foundation for mathematical proficiency. Students must develop a strong understanding of how numbers are formed and related.
  • Learners build new knowledge by making connections to their previous experiences.
  • Learning occurs when students explore ideas, discover patterns, and find logical order using a variety of tools.
  • A community of learners must discuss, explain, and justify solutions to develop conceptual understandings.
  • All learners must engage in meaningful tasks and persevere in finding solutions.
  • All students can learn mathematics when engaged in a responsive, supported curriculum.

Kindergarten-Fifth Grade Levels

The mathematics series for students in kindergarten through fifth grade levels is Math in Focus (published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Company, copyright 2015). Within this series, students will experience rigorous, quality content within globally proven methods. This resource provides skills and activities taught in-depth to allow for mastery of the concepts, which are aligned to the New Common Core Standards. Math in Focus builds a solid conceptual understanding through a focus on problem solving. The Board of Education approved flexible ability grouping for all students in third through fifth grade levels to provide greater opportunities for targeted instruction with use of differentiation. During Curriculum Night presentations, additional information is provided.