Full-Day Kindergarten (FDK)


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Why do we have Full-day Kindergarten construction?

District 181 (D181) is implementing full-day kindergarten and building new classrooms at six elementary schools to accommodate this change for a few reasons:

  • State Mandate: Illinois recently passed a law requiring all school boards to offer full-day kindergarten by the 2027-28 school year. The district was considering the switch before the mandate.

  • Increased Enrollment: Full-day kindergarten means more students will be enrolled.

  • Existing Facilities: Schools needed more space to accommodate a full-day program effectively.

The district will meet the upcoming state requirement and ensure we have the space to provide full-day kindergarten for all students who want it.

What is the construction timeline for my school?

  • On this page, you can click on Construction Timeline under each school to access the construction timeline.

How much money did the district save by awarding the contracts to the lowest bidders compared to the architect's initial estimates?

  • The total architect's estimated cost for construction was $19,757,900. By awarding the contracts to the lowest bidders, the district is expected to pay $15,533,000, resulting in a savings of $4,224,900.

What tasks will the Owner's Representative Turner & Townsend Heery (TTH) be responsible for on the Full Day Kindergarten Project?

  • TTH is responsible for supporting the district deliver the project on time and on/under budget. They will also review and approve project plans and budgets, monitor construction progress and quality control, and identify and mitigate project risks.

How will this impact my taxes?

  • There will be no incremental increase in property taxes for residents.

Was there a referendum voted on? 

  • No, we are funding the projects through the issuance of debt certificates that will be repaid from the district’s operating funds, rather than via an increased levy.

Do all schools need an addition?

  • Six of the seven elementary schools will have construction. Prospect will NOT need any additional construction for the FDK program.

Where can I access additional information?

Who can I contact for additional information?

Email the Director of Communications, Jeffrey Alstadt, at jalstadt@d181.org.