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Together with our Board Facilities Committee, we have been preparing a multi-year Facilities Master Plan (FMP) that provides an overview of each District building, identifies building needs, anticipates related expenses, and outlines a schedule of upcoming maintenance work, among other components. The Facilities Master Plan draft was first presented to the Board in September 2015. Following the successful HMS referendum and after a series of plan revisions, a revised version of the Facilities Master Plan was presented to the Board in April 2017. The Facilities Committee is currently continuing their work around final development of the FMP in partnership with the District architect.

To develop this plan, data has been gathered from multiple sources, as outlined below:

  • Architectural firm Wight & Co. completed a Facility Condition Assessment Report (FCAR) for each D181 school. The FCAR was a comprehensive 650-point audit on the condition of all District facilities for the purpose of determining annual capital renewal needs and proactively addressing facility needs. Their 350-page report is available at right.
  • Healy Bender architects partnered with staff and community members to create an Educational Adequacy Analysis for the District. The analysis has informed discussions about how building spaces and designs meet the needs of current and future educational programs.
  • Life-Safety surveys are completed for all Illinois schools by the Regional Office of Education in ten-year cycles. The most recent life safety surveys are available at right.
  • Staff facilities surveys were completed in the spring of 2014. Results are available at right.
  • The gathering of anecdotal feedback has been ongoing throughout the development of the Facilities Master Plan.
Throughout the process of creating a Facilities Master Plan, we have also shared information with community members and gathered their feedback. The Board partnered with the firm Patron Insight to conduct research and engagement work; those efforts have helped to inform administrative recommendations and the Board of Education's decision making. Patron Insight held interviews with a cross-section of community members, led a series of focus groups, and administered community and staff online surveys and a 400-resident phone survey. After the loss of the March 2016 HMS Referendum, Patron Insight conducted a new 500-resident phone survey while the District conducted a new online survey. Over the course of developing the FMP, administrators have also attended local community events to talk with residents and hosted community conversation round-table programs. News and updates have been posted on the District website and shared with local media, D181 Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTOs), District committee members, and Key Communicators. The Facilities Committee and Board of Education provide ongoing community voice in the process of continuing District facilities planning.

Facilities Master Plan

Appendix A - Staff Surveys

Appendix I - Community Engagement and Research Reports

Appendix J - Life-Safety Survey Reports