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The Buildings and Grounds Department is comprised of Director of Facilities, Buildings and Grounds Coordinator, Maintenance and Custodial Supervisor and the District-wide Maintenance and delivery team. The Department also oversees two Middle School building engineers and the 36 member custodial staff at all nine schools and the District administrative center.

Buildings and Grounds is responsible for the overall physical condition of the facilities, working with The Board of Education, the Facilities Committee, Principals, and the District Architect to determine and prioritize capital projects, building needs and replacement programs. Maintenance repairs are accomplished by District Maintenance Staff and Building Engineers while larger projects are completed by outside contractors.

In furtherance of the District Strategic Plan, the Director in conjunction with the Facilities Committee and District Architect developed a Facilities Master Plan containing a capital projects 10-year forecast along with associated budget information. This document is updated annually upon completion of that year's projects.

Buildings and Grounds also is responsible for working with the Regional Office of Education in completing all health, life and safety inspections checklists, energy management and conservation issues, indoor air quality and facility rentals and usage by community groups. We also work closely with the District Safety and Crisis committee on visitor management and upgrading the safety and security of all buildings. Buildings and Grounds is dedicated to maintaining safe, clean and properly maintained schools that foster excellence in learning in conjunction with the District Strategic Plan.

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Director of Facilities
Mike Duggan

Custodial and Maintenance Supervisor

Building & Grounds Coordinator
Debbie Prasch
FAX: 630.655.9700

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  1. Go to CCSD181 Service Request Website
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The emergency phone is carried by District-wide maintenance staff members at all times.

Building and Grounds Staff by Location

Select a location below to view B&G and custodial staff:

District Wide Building & Grounds Staff

  • Chris Conkright (Custodial & Maintenance Supervisor)
  • David Bierdrzycki
  • Erick Ramos


  • Arunas Svinkunas

CHMS Building & Grounds Staff

  • Mike Keane, Bldg. Engineer
  • Lydia Salinas
  • Chris Johnson
  • Rosa Fulgencio
  • Mirian Merino
  • Araceli Sarabia

HMS Building & Grounds Staff

  • Tomas Rios, Bldg. Engineer
  • Rosalina Chavez
  • Faviola Villasenor
  • Irena Poskiene
  • Anna Shemkiv
  • Eira Jimenez
  • Rosario Raya
  • Lourdes Montes

Elm Building & Grounds Staff

  • Nick Fulgencio
  • Araceli Garcia
  • Karolina Konatarevic

Madison Building & Grounds Staff

  • Manual Gonzalez-Aldana
  • Manual Gonzalez
  • Juana Fulgencio
  • Jaime Castro

Monroe Building & Grounds Staff

  • Jose Tinoco
  • Maria Padilla
  • Maria Garcia
  • Ana Marinez

Oak Building & Grounds Staff

  • Roberto Gonzalez
  • Edin Kurtovic
  • Alena Kurtovic

Prospect Building & Grounds Staff

  • Gabriel Angel
  • Zora Ikovic
  • Desa Lukic

The Lane Building & Grounds Staff

  • Ruben Sanchez
  • Manuel Salinas
  • Estella Velazquez

Walker Building & Grounds Staff

  • Daisy Fulgencio
  • Elia Diaz
  • Ana Marinez
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