Strategic Plan

Throughout the 2015-16 school year, we were involved in a comprehensive strategic planning process. In partnership with the firm ECRA Group, Inc., an established leader in the areas of educational assessment, research, analytics, and strategic planning, we engaged parents, students, staff, and community members to:

  • Align stakeholder expectations and District efforts
  • Create clarity and focus around a shared vision and direction for our future
  • Inform the budgeting process and provide for efficient spending

Our work began with research to create a clear understanding of where we have been as a District and where we are today. Two key components of the research phase included focus groups and surveys. We asked for stakeholders' thoughts on community values, strengths and challenges, significant issues they would like the District to address in the next three to five years, and their vision for the future of our schools. The planning process continued in January of 2016 with a review of the research that ECRA conducted and a discussion around proposed language for our mission, vision, guiding principles, and goals. After the Board's work on these components, community members were asked to give their feedback online or at either of two engagement events.

On February 8, 2016, Board members were presented with a revised plan, which was unanimously approved by the Board of Education. The Strategic Plan work was then turned over to Superintendent Dr. Don White and the administrative team to develop an implementation plan. That work is currently being put into action.

The Strategic Plan and accompanying implementation plan are living documents, interwoven in our daily operations and referenced regularly as we make decisions and set priorities. The Strategic Plan and related Key Performance Indicators are maintained through a public dashboard accessible to the community (online here). It is designed so that stakeholders can easily follow our progress in achieving each action step. With this degree of transparency, it is our hope that the community can be confident in the District’s direction, see tax dollars at work, and stay informed as we put the plan in motion.

Please see the information at right for the latest resources and files related to this work.