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Board Business Meeting: January 29, 2018

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  • Special Education Report Includes Update on New Programs, Student Performance Data
  • Board Approves HMS Construction Action Items
  • Policies Approved for Public Display
  • Other: Grade K-8 Registration Fees Approved for 2018-19; Health Life Safety Funds to Be Used for Elm Roof Project; Report Shows CPI at 2.1% for 2017; Architect Contract Fees to Be Negotiated; Superintendent’s Report Provided; Board Committee Reports Provided; Personnel Agenda Approved
  • Upcoming Board Meetings

Special Education Report Includes Update on New Programs, Student Performance Data

Podcast Recording: Approximately 02:02:22

During the January 29, 2018 Business meeting of the Board of Education, Assistant Superintendent of Learning (Pupil Services) Dr. Christina Sepiol shared a report updating the Board of Education on matters pertaining to special education.

Work Load Plan

A Special Education Work Load Plan was developed to ensure compliance with Illinois School Code. The document outlines considerations when addressing the work load responsibilities of special education staff, as well as the process for staff to report and discuss concerns if they feel at their work load limit. Per Board questions, clarifications were made regarding the components of the plan connected to school nurses; a concern was shared about the nurses’ work load once a planned transition takes place to increase their responsibilities for students’ medical Section 504 needs. It was requested that Dr. Sepiol share information with the Academic Success Committee about the role of Pupil Services Administrators, as their responsibilities are not included in the document.

New Special Education Classrooms at HMS and Walker School

Dr. Sepiol provided information about two special education classrooms opened this school year to meet the needs of students who require more support than what can be provided in a general education or resource setting. She explained that the classroom at Walker School is focused on learners who are challenged with communication, while the “Program Success” classroom at Hinsdale Middle School is focused on learners who are challenged with emotional regulation as it affects their academic and social functioning. She outlined the staffing levels in each room and clarified how students access the services for both scheduled and unscheduled visits. It was noted that students have shown significant growth, per data collected since the beginning of the school year. Dr. Sepiol shared her desire to bring a “Program Success” type of service to the elementary level; it was requested that she present the Board with a plan for doing so after gathering information related to staffing and the anticipated financial impact.

Leveled Literacy Interventions Program

Information was shared about the Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) program, which was purchased in 2016-17. Dr. Sepiol said that for the 2017-18 school year, an LLI coaching schedule was developed that supported teachers in implementation. It was clarified that the program was bought with IDEA Grant dollars and is used to support special education students in need of reading support, though the program itself can be used for general education students, as well. Per a question, it was clarified that the District’s reading specialists have met with the LLI coach to learn more about the program. Dr. Sepiol shared that reading specialists may identify students who could be considered for special education services and recommended for interventions such as LLI. The importance of integrating Special Education and General Education efforts was also discussed.

Special Education Student Data and Curricular Resources

Dr. Sepiol presented a comparison of services that had been provided through the special education co-op LADSE and the services provided by the District since separating from LADSE. She also discussed special education student performance data that she and Superintendent Dr. Don White had provided. In looking at assessments such as PARCC and MAP, special education students were not performing at the same levels as their general education peers, she said, but were slowly making steady growth. She additionally showed gains made related to Program Success, the Walker classroom, and LLI. Additional information was requested regarding a report on the number of students with a 504, including a delineation between medical and non-medical 504s. It was also requested that the data be shown with context, such as how special education students performed compared to special education students in similar districts. Per a question, Dr. Sepiol confirmed that she will present a report to the Academic Success Committee on the alternative curricular resources in math being considered for special education. She explained that while some special education students use the same textbook as their general education peers and simply progress at a slower pace, some learners’ needs are better met through an entirely different resource.

Board Approves HMS Construction Action Items

Podcast Recording: Approximately 03:02:30

HMS Construction Owner’s Representative Kerry Leonard prepared a memo addressing several project topics, including: Bid Group 3 Rebidding and Bid Group 4 Bidding; conversations with the project’s environmental consultant regarding demolition of the current building; the Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) design process; and discussion with Bulley & Andrews regarding the Guaranteed Maximum Price. Mr. Leonard also highlighted news with regard to parking deck utility services, and he identified three areas that can pose a significant risk against the Owner’s Contingency: bond and legal closing costs, the surface lot value, and costs associated with technology.

The Board approved the following action items related to the construction project, and all actions received a 7-0 Vote:

  • Ratification of Change Orders Approved by the Superintendent and Owner's Representative (Change Order 018 Fire Rated Doors at Parking Deck; Change Order 019 Light Fixture Revision; Change Order 020 Commonwealth Edison Service Feed; Change Order 021 Lower Level Lighting Revision; and Change Order 022 Ceiling Revisions B216/Goggle Cabinet Power/Student Phone)
  • GMP Contingency Use Approval for Masonry Parapet Angles (PCI040)
  • Change Order Approval for Quarterly Allowance Credit (Change Order 017 Fourth Quarter 2017 Return of Unused Allowance)

It was confirmed that all action items were reviewed by the Board Facilities Committee meeting, and there was consensus to support all actions. Mr. Leonard noted that the budget impact of the approved changes is a credit to the Contract Sum of $56,720.00.

Policies Approved for Public Display

Podcast Recording: Approximately 03:28:20

The following policies were approved for public display:

  • 2:210 Organizational Board of Education Meeting
  • 2:260 Uniform Grievance Procedure
  • 4:110 Transportation
  • 4:150 Facility Management and Building Programs
  • 4:170 Safety
  • 5:100 Staff Development Program
  • 5:200 Terms and Conditions of Employment and Dismissal
  • 5:220 Substitute Teachers
  • 5:240 Suspension
  • 5:250 Leaves of Absence
  • 5:285 Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commercial Vehicle Drivers
  • 5:290 Employment Termination and Suspension
  • 5:300 Schedules and Employment Year
  • 5:330 Sick Days, Vacation, Holidays, and Leaves

In Other News, the Board:

  • Approved Grade K-8 registration fees for the 2018-19 school year (Vote 7-0). It was confirmed that the new technology fee dollar amounts align with the fee recommendations discussed in February 2017 when the Digital Learning Environment plan was approved.
  • Approved a resolution to amend the Ten-Year Health Life Safety Survey Inspection report for Elm School in order to include the Elm roof condition as a violation, thereby allowing the use of Health Life Safety Funds to cover a portion of the roof replacement being completed in the summer of 2018 (Vote 7-0). Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer Mohsin Dada clarified that because Health Life Safety Funds can be used for limited purposes, he recommended the District spend down that fund balance and in the future, direct those dollars into the Operations and Maintenance Fund.
  • Heard a report from Mr. Dada in which he shared that CPI has been announced at 2.1% for 2017. He noted that the five-year annual average for CPI is 1.44% and said while it is relatively low, it is going up. Mr. Dada commented that his financial projections assumed a CPI of 2.0%. The 0.1% variance will result in approximately $58,000 of additional real estate tax revenue. It was clarified that the figures for new construction are typically released in April.
  • Approved a request from Mr. Dada and Director of Facilities Mike Duggan that they be permitted to negotiate fees with the District Architect Healy Bender & Associates (Vote 7-0). It was noted that the Board attorney and architect attorney will discuss the agreement, and an addendum is expected to be presented for approval in March. Per a question, it was clarified that the administration is interested in maintaining its relationship with Healy Bender in part due to their institutional knowledge of the District and quality service, but the administration may consider changing architects depending on the result of fee negotiations.
  • Heard a report from Board President Jennifer Burns in which she thanked stakeholders who participated in the superintendent search process and thanked Board members for their extended commitment during the search.
  • Reviewed the Superintendent's Report in which Dr. White listed upcoming events, recognized students and staff for their achievements, and shared the draft digital device Acceptable Use Agreement for 2018-19 being presented for Board approval at the next Business meeting.
  • Heard Committee Reports from the committee liaisons. Board Facilities Committee Chair Margaret Kleber thanked committee members and District administrators for their efforts to resolve technology issues that arose with the new HMS construction project. Board Finance Committee Chair Rich Giltner confirmed the next Finance Committee meeting has been moved to February 6, 2018 so the meeting could be held prior to the next Business meeting, at which time 2018-19 Budget matters will be discussed.
  • Approved the Personnel agenda as presented (see attached) (Vote 7-0).
  • Heard no Public Comments.

Upcoming Board Meetings:

  • Academic Success Committee Meeting: Thursday, February 1
  • Board Finance Committee Meeting: Tuesday, February 6
  • Board of Education Business Meeting: Monday, February 12
  • Board Facilities Committee Meeting: Tuesday, February 20

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