Erin's Law

Erin's Law

Illinois House Bill 6193, better known as Erin’s Law, was enacted on January 24, 2013 and requires public schools to implement an age-appropriate sexual abuse awareness and prevention curriculum for all students in grades Pre-K-12.

To meet this mandate, District 181 social workers in each school will be teaching a lesson at every grade level starting in the spring of 2015. The Child Lures Prevention Curriculum has been adopted for these lessons. The age-appropriate presentations will emphasize healthy and safe relationships through interactive activities and discussions. Some concepts that are included in the discussions are:

  • Body Awareness Skills
  • Healthy Choices
  • Personal Boundaries
  • Appropriate Relationships
  • Safety Rules
  • Self-Advocacy Skills

Child sexual abuse is a serious problem with as many as 25% of adult women and 15% of adult men reporting they were abused as children (Source). Research suggests that children and youth can acquire the skills that are presented in many school-based sexual abuse prevention programs, and they in turn contribute to increases in disclosure, decreases in self-blame, and in some cases reduce victimization. Prevention programs are also backed up in our District by the teaching of fundamental social and emotional skills that help children develop their abilities to know and express themselves, have positive relationships, and make good choices.

For more about Erin’s Law in Illinois and the background for this mandate, please see the Report from the Task Force for Erin’s Law in Illinois.

Please feel free to contact the Department of Learning with any concerns or questions.

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