World Changer Awards

The District 181 World Changer Awards: A Celebration of Exceptional Employee Achievements

Award Winner Announcements for 2016-17

HMS Building Engineer Tomas Rios
Award photo

Oak School Social Worker Carmel Finnegan
Award photo

Elm School Secretary Edie SharkeyAward photo

Monroe School 1st Grade Teacher Sue OlivaAward photo

CHMS Social Worker Ele Santini (Left)Award photo

CHMS Social Studies Teacher Meghan Carey (Center)Award photo

D181 Band Teacher Laura StibichAward photo

CHMS 7th Grade Teacher Jeff DeGraffAward photo

Walker School Resource Teacher Dorothy Krumin
Award photo

Walker School Speech Pathologist Natalie Felix
Award photo

The District 181 World Changer Awards: ​​A Celebration of Exceptional Employee Achievements


To celebrate and acknowledge the outstanding work of District 181 employees.


The District 181 World Changer Awards is a program to specially recognize the above and beyond contributions of Community Consolidated School District 181 employees, including teachers, support staff, and administrators. These awards are intended to celebrate truly exceptional work that was so impactful it "changed the world" of a student, colleague, family, or the community at large in a positive and deeply meaningful way. The program is a partnership with the D181 Foundation. The 2017 Awards are sponsored by Hinsdale Bank & Trust.

Eligibility and Nominating Process

  • Any staff member of District 181, except the Superintendent and Director of Communications, is eligible to receive a "World Changer Award," including part-time employees.
  • Nominations are accepted via the official online form, submitted in the time period specified below.
  • The nomination form can be submitted by any community member of District 181, including parents, students, staff, residents, and local employees and volunteers. An employee cannot nominate himself/herself.
  • The form requires the nominator's name, contact information, and role in the District. Forms cannot be submitted anonymously. More than one person can contribute to a single nomination; names of additional nominators can be entered in the form field where indicated. The form requires an essay (minimum 200 words, maximum 500 words), which describes how the employee provided an above and beyond contribution that was "world changing" within the District 181 community.

Timeline and Winner Selection

  • The launch of The 2017 District 181 World Changer Awards was formally announced in January 2017.
  • The 2017 nomination period was open January 26, 2017 through March 24, 2017.
  • A selection team completed the review of submissions in April. The selection team included the Superintendent, the Director of Communications, and two D181 Foundation Board Members.
  • If the same employee was nominated via multiple submissions, all submissions were considered together in determining winner selection. (The receipt of multiple submissions for a single individual did not increase the likelihood of that person being selected.)
  • Winners were selected based on the information presented in the submitted form(s) describing how the nominee has demonstrated, in concrete and specific ways, how he/she was a "world changer."
  • Up to ten employees may receive a World Changer Award per school year. There may be more than one winner from the same school.
  • The selected winner(s) were notified via surprise announcements in April and May 2017.
  • Winners were formally recognized on Monday, May 22, 2017. Winners received up to $300 to be used for professional development and/or supplies and materials related to District work. Winners additionally each received a $75 Visa gift card to be used at their discretion. ***
  • Staff members who were nominated but not selected were provided a copy of the nomination submitted on their behalf and a letter from the Superintendent acknowledging their contributions.

***Prizes for winners are being provided by Hinsdale Bank & Trust and the D181 Foundation.

Awards News

The nomination period for 2017-18 will be announced here when it has been determined.


Please contact Director of Communications Bridget McGuiggan with any questions about the World Changer Awards program.

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