Community Consolidated School District 181 welcomes comments, suggestions and questions from the community. You may contact us in several ways:

  • Phone: 630.861.4900
  • Fax: 630.887.1079
  • Mail: Community Consolidated School District 181, 115 W. 55th Street, Clarendon Hills, 60514
  • Contact Us Form (at right)

To reach a school staff member, please click on the staff list within the school webpage. To reach an administrator, please click on the Departments webpage. To reach the Board of Education, please visit the Board Members webpage.

To access and share information effectively, and to get the most effective response, please contact the appropriate individual as indicated below.

  • Individual students, classrooms: Teacher
  • Individual school, neighborhood issues: Individual principals
  • District-wide curriculum, instructional methods: Asst. Supt. of Learning
  • District finance, safety, environmental issues: Asst. Supt. of Business and Operations
  • District programs, history: Director of Communications
  • District policies, practices: Superintendent
  • The Board of Education is always the final level of appeal for issues and concerns, and as such, is not the first contact on any issue.

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