Clarendon Hills Middle School

Clarendon Hills Middle School Information

301 Chicago Ave.
Clarendon Hills, IL 60514

Phone: 630.861.4800
Fax: 630.887.4267

School Colors
Navy and Gold

School Mascot

7:55 a.m. -2:45 p.m.

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Parent Resources

2016 Recommended Summer Reading

Field Trips 2015-16

Field Trips 2016-17

Pre-Planned Absences

The school calendar is established in advance. While we realize the value of family time, the planning of vacations while school is in session is strongly discouraged. If students will be absent from school due to vacation, parents must complete a special absence notification form and return it to school before the absence. Teachers will not be required to re-teach material missed by students. If a planned absence will occur at the end of a grading period, students will be required to submit all work before leaving on the planned absence.

In the event of a planned absence, a parent must email, send a note, or contact Adrienne Renwick in the Student Services Office: 630.861.4803 •

Report Card Distribution Dates for 2015-16

The end of quarter dates for the 2015-16 school year are listed below. Approximately 10 days following the end of the quarter, an email will be sent to all parents letting them know the final quarter dates are posted and may be viewed online via the parent portal. Fourth quarter report cards will be mailed home about 7 days following the last day of school.

  • Friday, November 6, 2015 - Quarter 1
  • Friday, January 29, 2016 - Quarter 2
  • Friday, April 8, 2016 - Quarter 3
  • Wednesday, June 10, 2016 (Or the last day of school) - Quarter 4

Sports Schedules/Information