(Top, L to R): Gary Clarin, Glenn Yaeger, Superintendent Dr. White, Brendan Heneghan, Michael Nelson; (Bottom, L to R): Mridu Garg, Marty Turek, Jill Vorobiev

Members of the Board of Education and their term expirations are as follows:

Marty Turek President - 2015
Jill Vorobiev Vice President - 2017
Mridu Garg Secretary - 2017
Michael Nelson  Member - 2015
Glenn Yaeger Member - 2015
Brendan Heneghan Member - 2015
Gary Clarin Member - 2017

Members of the Board of Education have completed training on the Open Meetings Act, as required by State law.

Within BoardDocs, you will find current and past Board of Education agendas, related attachments, and minutes. Additionally, you can access the Board Policy Manual under the BoardDocs Policy tab. The current Board meeting calendar can be found in the BoardDocs Library and on our website's Board Meetings page.

Contact Information

For questions regarding the Board of Education, please contact the Superintendent's Office in the Administration Center at 630.861.4922.

Emails sent to will be automatically forwarded to all seven current board members, as well as copied to the Superintendent. An individual wishing to email only the seven Board members or a single member should send his or her email to the Board member's individual address as listed at left. 

Any email sent to a representative of District 181 constitutes a public record that may be released under the Freedom of Information Act and may be shared with the rest of the Board or the Superintendent at the member's discretion.